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ptrcnull 8be945824c
refactor: move list of posts to main page 2 months ago
ptrcnull 6c2f880cef feat: add dark mode 4 months ago
ptrcnull 70380e1901 fix: Change manual OpenGraph tags to Hugo's template 1 year ago
ptrcnull f4e1b13955 feat: Add OpenGraph meta tags 1 year ago
ptrcnull 68fbc0b3f1 feat: Change codeblock background color 1 year ago
ptrcnull d0e9fb4957 fix: Change URL for cloning 1 year ago
ptrcnull 364f11f8a7 feat: Changed styling for code inserts 1 year ago
ptrcnull c41d408a51 fix: More fixes for dots in the header/footer 2 years ago
ptrcnull 3c57d0797d fix: Changed adding dots in the menu 2 years ago
ptrcnull d5addbfdbd feat: Moved homepage out of <article> 2 years ago
ptrcnull 439c4b98d8 feat: Added static homepage 2 years ago
ptrcnull cabbcc082c fix: Same as above, just with cleaner code 2 years ago
ptrcnull 865bbb85d8 fix: Removed 1 equal sign from each side of the header 2 years ago
ptrcnull f4e14c7881 fix: Updated README 2 years ago
ptrcnull 4bc8d2f777 fix: Changed "Start" to "Home" 2 years ago
ptrcnull 605c668c05 fix: Removed inline CSS setting font to monospace 2 years ago
ptrcnull bafb9b2177 feat: Added a disclaimer to README 2 years ago
ptrcnull ac4a731def fix: Prettified CSS and removed ""dark"" mode 2 years ago
ptrcnull f1c49bcb9c fix: Removed useless screenshots 2 years ago
colorchestra b4a2605222
Merge pull request #8 from pfandzelter/add-image-captions 2 years ago
Tobias Pfandzelter f2dbf084a7 resolve figure size 2 years ago
colorchestra 3fcb92e2c2
Merge pull request #10 from cristiklein/master 2 years ago
Tobias Pfandzelter 2563883c1c fix generation of figcaptions 2 years ago
colorchestra edb39bd459
Merge pull request #9 from thenktor/patch-1 2 years ago
Cristian Klein 1a1d2dda0a Allow overriding copyright line via .Site.Copyright 2 years ago
Thorsten 3a3c3c6650
Update style.css 2 years ago
colorchestra bfc381df05
Merge pull request #7 from pfandzelter/fix-code-highlighting 2 years ago
Tobias Pfandzelter 0877e85191
move padding to apply to only inline code 2 years ago
colorchestra cd4cc6abc6
Merge pull request #6 from thenktor/master 2 years ago
Tobias Pfandzelter 73ad44e2ca add image captions 2 years ago
Tobias Pfandzelter 6d7e3bfa3e fix syntax highlighting 2 years ago
colorchestra 41db6a77dc add dateFmt option to single and summary views 2 years ago
colorchestra 730ddd9a1f Merge branch 'master' of github.com:colorchestra/smol 2 years ago
colorchestra f6d79d8e21 tiny css change 2 years ago
Thorsten 9f3b6d2076
Update baseof.html 2 years ago
colorchestra 2bb4ff7305
Merge pull request #1 from awilliams/patch-1 3 years ago
Adam Williams 875a7f6b9d
Update README.md 3 years ago
colorchestra ee2e6c972d
fix LICENSE.md 3 years ago
morph de7f241399 update names in license 3 years ago
morph 0e70c8c9c5 better screenshots 3 years ago
morph c55e178d95 move position of tags on single page 3 years ago
morph 98f3784529 fix headline 3 years ago
morph 6cbd464175 update readme and license 3 years ago
morph 2b09fc88e0 remove title_frame_char variable 3 years ago
morph 8a6618c4fe update screenshots 3 years ago
morph a9bcc2757b update readme 3 years ago
morph 9872248e95 update readme 3 years ago
morph 5b51f4d9da bring sidebar back for single pages 3 years ago
morph e284283965 remove newlines from css 3 years ago
morph 6f6aa7c5ae change countrunes to len 3 years ago